Trending WordPress Plugins contains several ancient plugins which are not so popular anymore. It is hard to see which plugin is trending and which one loses more and more users. For example, WP Super Cache was the most popular cache plugin, but it is losing users while other cache plugins are trending.

Active Install Growth

A few months ago started to display the Active Install Growth diagram in the advanced section of the plugin’s page. Our site collects the active install growth metrics for each plugin and computes how much the number of active users has increased in the last 4 weeks. The “Growth” column displays this information.

Why Active Install count is not enough anymore

When you pick the right plugin for the task, you might make the mistake to check the active installation count only. The plugin growth is a better indicator as you can see how much the number of active users has increased. If you see huge active install growth you can expect:

  • fewer compatibility issues with other plugins
  • a bigger community who can help you
  • better support
  • more frequent updates and improvements

Top 500 Trending WordPress Plugins


3,604 plugins matched your criteria.

Rank Plugin Category Growth Active Install Growth %
#3601 Platinum SEO Pack SEO -5,012 60,000 -7.71%
#3602 Really Simple CAPTCHA Security -5,427 900,000 -0.60%
#3603 Google Analytics Statistics -7,574 500,000 -1.49%
#3604 Limit Login Attempts Security -21,284 1,000,000 -2.08%